Sep 29

Does Cranberry Juice Help Pass a Drug Test

Among various home remedies for passing drug tests is using various juices. One of the ways often suggested is using cranberry juice. But the question is does cranberry juice help pass a drug test.

Some people believe on home remedies for passing a drug test. Among these remedies are use of liquids like water and juices. Again among the juices one that is suggested by experts more often than not is the cranberry juice. But the pertinent question is does cranberry juice help pass a drug test? There are various types of drug tests and while some use the routine methods others use advance methods for the purpose.

Myth and Reality about Cranberry Juice

There are both myths and realities about use of cranberry juice. Some are as follows.

• Myth – Guzzling cranberry juice will help user pass a drug test conveniently by reducing drug traces in the anatomy.
• Truth – While use of cranberry juice could help health improvement in general it does not help in erasing the drug traces from the anatomy.
• Myth – Use of cranberry juice with expedites the metabolism and flushes out drugs from the anatomy.
• Truth – Drug eradication is a natural metabolic system and that cannot be expedited using artificial manners.
• Myth – Use of juices like cranberry, vinegar, pickle and others can help flush out drug traces from the body.
• Truth – Juices could be tasty but they can only give some mental boost and in reality do not help in flushing out drug traces.

The Ultimate Truth

Ultimate truth about the use of cranberry juice or any such thing is that it does not have the ability to change the metabolic system. In fact the metabolic system cannot be changed easily even with exercises and packing the body with vitamins. Use of the juice can make the urine extra yellow or put some vitamin traces in it but it will not eradicate drug traces fully. Moreover the test administrator may ask for another sample and if the sample is similar in nature then he or she will know that something is up. Water or juices may thin out the urine but labs will often reject the sample that is too clear as well.

Dangers of Using Juices

These are not all. There are certain dangers involved in the use of juices like cranberry or others. At times they may not give positive results anymore as they could give in the past. It is because of the huge developments that have taken place in the field of technologies including that of drug testing. Moreover, if even after consuming juices the drug traces are not flushed out, the candidate might risk his or her career. Similarly, they will not flush our any drug trace deposited in the roots of hair follicles.

All said and done consumption of cranberry juice for passing a drug test is fast relegated to backseat just like the use of fake penis to pass a drug test and it is always better using some time tested and qualitative medical product that could help you get the ultimate result of drug trace removal.

Sep 10

Ways and Means to Pass Hair Drug Test

Passing a hair drug test could be one of the most challenging tasks for any person facing such drug test. Learning how to pass hair drug test could be very useful for the people facing such tests and for building up their careers.

One of the best ways of passing any hair follicle drug test is cleansing the hair. Of course there are some that might suggest shaving the head and getting past the test conveniently but this is not the best way of getting past the test. Instead there are other ways and means to pass hair drug test. At times people try home remedies but in majority of cases they fail to deliver the desired results. Instead using classy products like Daily Pre-tox or Ultra Klean can be of greater help for the candidates.

Hair Contains Record of Everything That is Consumed One of the important things about hairs of any person is that it contains anything that is consumed in the recent past. Usually the drugs will get into the blood streams as well as into the blood vessels of the consumer. Ultimately they would be filtered through the hair. Unique feature of hairs is that they will retain the traces of drugs even when long times have passed. Duration of the time span can also be measured from the growth of the hair in the meantime.

Hair Sample Drug Test

Before answering the question about how to pass a hair sample drug test it is necessary for the user to understand what the hair sample drug test refers to. Usual process is as follows.

• About 150 hair follicles from the center of the scalp will be taken for the test.
• The closer the traces of drugs are to the roots of hairs the more recent are their uses.
• At least an inch or one and half inch of hair is necessary.
• People that do not have lo0ng hairs will also be subjected to the test. Instead of the scalp, hair from chest or other parts of the body can be taken for the test.
• The bundle of hair is twisted into at least one fourth of an inch diameter in size.

How to Pass A Hair Sample Drug Test

If the question is how to pass a hair drug test the answer would be that the prospective candidate should first understand the essences. Drug metabolites in the body will go everywhere including the hair follicles. While cleansing the hair can clear the traces from the outer surface of the hair follicles, it will not be enough to cleanse the inside equally well. However there are various methods that can cleanse the hair and instead of hurting these will really help the process of cleansing the hair follicles.

Length of time, use of drugs, their frequencies of use, doses taken etc are all detectable through the hair drug test. These tests are meant to find out cocaine, opiates, nicotine, and cannabis. Among all the prohibited drugs the traces of morphine are most prominent in the hair follicles undergoing drug tests. Most times the difference will depend upon the degree of hair damage as well as the type of cosmetic treatments.

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